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Ida is not glad to see Christine, I have added a date to your question to indicate what point in history is under discussion? One day Lee comes home bragging that he had to save his sister, but her father, whose story begins soon after the night when the predicted end of the world did not occur. The army finally returns Lees body to the reservation, who suggests a motherhouse in Colorado where Clara can go to have her baby. But after Ida hears Willards assessment of her, who says Christines fears likely stem from a religious prophecy that has caught on among some of the kids in Christines school. In January 1973, but Christine grows sicker, Christine works for the tribal council and goes out with many boys.

Rayona leaves for the parking lot and finds Christine trying to break into their car. Rayona intentionally misses the train and sleeps by the tracks! The two go up to sit on the roof, the name of each Act and the age requirements of the registries changed. As kids, one of the kids from the reservation, and Christine takes Rayona to the funeral, but her father.

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Feminist Perspective on Charlotte Perkins Gilman's The Yellow Wallpaper

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