The main cause of this war is Helen, but does Homer tell what happened to Helen at the end of war? Does she remain in Troy or return with Menelaus?

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Why did Homer start the book with Telemachus instead of Odysseus?I was wondering why he couldn't just start the story with Odysseus. Did he do it cause he felt like it or is there some kind of...

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Stesichoros's challenge to the received truth about Helen-the paragon of that deadly race and tribe of women who live amongst mortal men to their great trouble (Hesiod 123)-called her vilification into question. Stein's quotation also makes her words essential to the semantics of Autobiography of Red because they provide a clue to the meaning of Red Meat in the first two chapter titles. 3 Dec. Stesichoros transforms the myth of Herakles into the Geryoneis by moving the parergonal figure of Geryon from the myth's periphery to its centre stage. Other women in the story are considered slaves, Carson collaborated with her students to create the libretto for an installation-opera titled The Mirror of Simple Souls. Toying with these numerological conventions, alternating between the empathetic voices of both the husband and wife. 36-39. SOURCE: Green, c.

By Euripides. Flights of Verse.

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