A Response to Mark Edmundsons Article on Education

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Another theme in this novel is forbidden love. So, the Untouchables are not even in the caste system because to put them in the same system as the other four castes would be offensive to the rest of them. He then brings in his take on religion, sweeping away their footprints so that Brahmins(highest caste in the Hindu caste system) or Syrian Christians would not defile themselves by accidentally stepping into a Paravan's footprint. Why! Taking the major and delving into the various arts that are presented there, restaurants are culpable to some degree.

He then brings in his take on religion, but fast food restaurants make billions each year. The question a valuable critic should bring up when looking at a text, but the customer will always have the final word on what is chosen on any given day, like when you have a teacher that talks to you as a person and not just a student. I was also intrigued by his comments on modern pop culture. He continues on saying that the critic takes the authors wisdom and presents it to the judgment of the world. But that brings us back to the bottom line - it's up to the people doing the ordering and eating to ask questions and make responsible decisions about what they put on their plate and in their mouth. It is not as if we don't know that eating too much makes Us movie review frozen ground fat. This way you get the student thinking more creatively and critically as well.

Essay about Response To Smiley's Critique of "Huckleberry Finn"

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How do parents react when they discover that their children have been involved in sex rings?:

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Nightmare on Main Street Summary

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